Welcome to Iwami group - MEMS/NEMS, Plasmonics Lab.

We are a brand-new group which was established on Jan., 2012 at Mechanical Engineering Dept., TUAT. Our group consists of 1 faculty (Iwami), 1 grad student and 1 undergrad student. We are tentatively accepting two undergrads and will welcome one more grad. Iwami group is located at Room 307(Office) and 313(Lab) in No.6 Bldg, on Koganei Engineering Campus, TUAT.

We are studying plasminics, a novel research field about interaction between metal nanostructure and light. Together with it, we are pursuing its application to MEMS/NEMS, fg.massively-parallel electron beam lithography and microfabricated thermionic energy converters (TECs).

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